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Our history

Slime Party Workshop PR is a project of love aimed at the Puerto Rican community that seeks to go out and explore healthy and creative family adventures. Some time ago Natividad Reyes together with her daughter decided to embark on the experience of developing an art and yoga workshop for children. Little by little, with each visit of the guests, the Playing Mindful concept was formed – Playing with Full Attention. This innovative concept invites to promote the socio-emotional and motor development of the participant from an educational and reflection perspective. The concept puts into practice what it means to work as a team, becoming aware of the game, breathing and thoughts until the common goal is achieved.


Create innovative experiences and educational adventures that family, guests and children can remember for a lifetime.


Contribute to social responsibility through art and conscious parenting, qualifying healthy activities where everyone can learn to express themselves from their essence and nature.


Serve from love, respect and specialized attention. We firmly believe in free expression and inclusivity. We value each of our clients’ requests.

Benefits of playing with Slime

Slime is an elastic mass with a sticky and moldable texture that drives children and adults crazy. It is a very fun toy with which to entertain yourself playing and doing very fun crafts.


Slime helps develop Creativity and Imagination. They are free to create what they want and imagine the adventures they want playing with Slime.

Fine Motor:

By using your hands to knead, stretch, cut… manual skills are developed that are so important when learning to write.

Sensory enrichment:

Exploring textures is very beneficial to stimulate touch, sight, smell and hearing.

Neuromotor intelligence::

The fact of having to use the senses stimulates the brain and the neurological connections, developing intelligence.

Differentiation of colors and textures:

Thanks to the slime they will discover new colors, different textures and different materials. And they will learn to combine the different elements.

Communication and language development:

With the creation of different figures and the use of multiple decorative Slime toppins, the little ones will learn new concepts and new words.

Channels their energy and helps them express themselves:

Just like drawing, children will be able to express their feelings and their state of mind through crafts. Helps manage stress and improves concentration.

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