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We accompany you as we create adventures, unforgettable experiences and SLIME!

Fun for kids

Birthdays Parties

An unforgettable party is undoubtedly the best gift for our little ones, imagine that this unique touch is our SLIME WORKSHOP.

Fabulous, don’t you think? Provide your little ones and your guests with different experience. Fun, relaxation and learning with beautiful and fascinating colors, textures and a variety of your favorite accessories.

Discover with us the fabulous world of SLIME!

Stimulate their creativity

Slime Party Workshop and Kids Yoga


We offer recreational, relaxing and safe spaces for you through our SLIME PARTY WORKSHOP with methods and activities that integrate fun and sensory stimulation. We will also share a pleasant time outdoors with KIDS YOGA, connecting us with nature, relaxing and bringing our creations to life.

The best part is that there is no age limit!

We support you


Invite us to your party and bring it to another level!

We will provide you with slime stations, where everyone can participate and have different alternatives to enjoy, learn and unleash your imagination. Whether outdoors or indoors, we will generate a different energy for all in your celebration.

Create with us an incredible experience that everyone will talk about!

Breath and Connect

Yoga For Kids

Are you ready to allow your little one to focus his energy and learn to breath consciously learning Mindfulness techniques?

Of course, you are!

We love being able to help children with different tools and allow them to develop and connect in a safe and calm environment. Our goal is to motivate and encourage them with positive aspects of their personality. They will learn the importance of breathing calmly, practicing tools and yoga postures alluding to nature.

Fun to take away

Slime Kits & Boxes

The fun doesn’t stop when you can have your own slime making kit at home!

A special gift for any occasion, ideal to share with your family or guests at your party. Make your own recipe combinations, use the toppings you prefer, prepare your box as you wish.

Imagine, create and have fun! All year round, SLIME and special offers!

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